Margaret Antone
Romance Author

Photographic artist and creative agency director, Tate Elliot, reluctantly returns home to help his two brothers bring their family business back from the brink of ruin. The Rose of the West, a formerly celebrated lifestyle magazine based on their wine country, family farm, is faltering badly, and threatening to take their heritage down with it. But can Tate satisfy the new publisher, a woman with very different ideas for the direction of the magazine and the power to kill it, especially when he discovers her to be a woman he’d dated and dumped as a young, immature man? The only woman he'd never, ever forgotten? More importantly, after discovering the attraction has only deepened with the passage of time, can he win back her trust, her love?

Alexa Poutrakis needs to prove herself to her father, head of the family publishing firm. Revamping a beloved lifestyle magazine and generating interest from a 21st century audience could be the ticket to achieving her goal. But could she work again with the man who broke her heart years ago? Dare she risk her heart a second time?

Practice Makes Perfect

Sharon Newberry, a free-spirited antiques store owner and self-help guru, needs money to save her business. Blake Renton, a high-tech entrepreneur who seems like he belongs in the golf, yachts and polo set, needs help in the dating department. He’s tired of the women who appear to be after him primarily for status and position, yet that’s the only type of women he meets in his social circle.

Blake proposes hiring Sharon as a practice girlfriend to expand his social horizons and help him meet a different type of woman. Sharon doesn’t find Blake’s proposal particularly flattering—he’s essentially asking her to a human lab rat, after all—but accepts out of financial desperation. Sometimes, however, a practice match makes the perfect match…

Loving Mr. July

Every year, marketing whiz and non-profit volunteer extraordinaire, Cynthia Rowe, puts together a beefcake calendar comprised of mostly willing hunky bachelors to benefit the Bocher Foundation’s charity, a child abuse prevention organization near and dear to her heart after her own childhood experiences. But when Mr. July drops out to get engaged, and friends produce a replacement who turns out to be none other than her fantasy man realized, will she be able to overcome her own insecurities and take a chance at unexpected love?

Kurt Renton, the usually affable and always hunky CFO of RentBro Inc., gets coerced into posing for the Bocher Foundation’s Business Hunks of San Diego beefcake calendar. Even though he supports the charity’s cause, he’s not happy being essentially strong-armed into helping a woman who has always gotten under his skin. As payback, he puts a few conditions of his own into place. Who would have thought that this unlikely burr in his side would soon become the one woman he would do anything to keep?

“Loving Mr. July” is the sequel to “Practice Makes Perfect.”

Saving “The Rose”